6 Reasons Why I Love Gatheredtable

Everyone has to eat, but knowing what to eat isn’t always easy. That’s why I love Gatheredtable. It makes eating well easy to do no matter your schedule.

credit: Gatheredtable.com
credit: Gatheredtable.com

Healthy, homemade meals are my favorite. As a dietitian and mom, I love the challenge of discovering new recipes that not only provide my family with the nutrients and energy they need for successful days, but ones they actually want to eat again and again.

It sounds easy – like I have it all figured out – but believe me, I don’t. Even as a dietitian, my kids are kids, making decisions based on their limited life experiences and preferences. Like every other kid, my boys tend to like simple and sweet offerings more than complex or bold ideas.

My foster kids – well, they really like the sweet stuff. In fact, when I asked what their favorite foods were on the day they arrived, the oldest told me very decidedly that her top three foods of choice were “honey, sugar, and candy.” No, she’s not Buddy the Elf, but she does come from a different home with different rules and different foods.

Sometimes, I need fresh inspiration. Foods I like aren’t always what those around my table like and with even more diverse taste preferences surrounding me these days, its incredibly helpful to have a variety of simple meal ideas at the ready. That’s where Gatheredtable comes in.

GatheredTable in the Kitchen
credit: Gatheredtable.com

Although there are many different meal planning resources online, Gatheredtable has quickly become one of my favorites. Curious why? Here are my top 6 reasons for loving this meal planning site:

Recipes are real-life ready. This is a big deal. Real-life ready recipes? Are you kidding me? Anyone else have a hard time finding recipes online that they would actually make? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found beautiful food photos only to be accompanied by unrealistic and super long ingredient lists. I love that Gatheredtable keeps their recipes simple and to the point. This means I will actually make the food I see, and for a meal planning service, that’s a pretty important feature.

Ingredients are easy to recognize BUT may push your food boundaries just a bit. Recipes on Gatheredtable aren’t just easy to follow; they also rely on familiar ingredients. This means I can rest easy knowing that I can find the necessary foods each recipe requires in my grocery store. In some areas, you might be able to even order your foods directly from Gatheredtable thanks to their grocery list feature.  

The work is done for you… sort of. Half the battle of getting dinner out on the table is planning (or lack thereof). Gatheredtable allows you to easily identify recipes for the week, add them to your meal plan, and create a grocery list. The only thing you have to do is buy the ingredients and make them.

Gatheredtable in the Grocery Store
credit: Gatheredtable.com

With their handy mobile app, you’ll even be able to take everything with you to the store and into the kitchen. This means you always step into your kitchen with a plan and will hopefully have more time to spend enjoying the meal versus fretting about what you’re going to make in the first place.

Meals will become more enjoyable. With much of the pre-dinner work done, you’ll hopefully be able to relax and enjoy the meal a bit more. I know this is the case for me. There is a HUGE and noticeable difference in my attitude on nights where I have a plan versus those I don’t. Just ask my family. They’ll keep it real.

You’ll be less likely to eat meals out, and eat more meals at home. Another reason to love the art of meal planning – you’ll get to eat more meals at home. This not only saves you money but allows you to eat better too. Meals out are often higher in sodium, sugar, and fat; ingredients that can slow you down versus fuel you up.

Gatheredtable on the Plate
credit: Gatheredtable.com

You’ll actually make these recipes… wowing your friends and family. I’ve had the opportunity to review a few different meal planning sites and for the most part, they often have many of the same benefits in common. Why? Well, because they give you tools to plan out dinner and that’s pretty useful for the majority of us.

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But what really stands out for me when it comes to Gatheredtable is the simplicity of their recipes. I love the inspiration that more complicated recipes provide, but when I’m planning out real-life meals for everyday of my week, I just want simple, no-fuss ideas. I call these “real-life” ready recipes and Gatheredtable is my go-to source for those. Like me, I think you’ll actually make these recipes, not just pin them for later.

Gatheredtable’s meal planning services aren’t free (sadly) but they are affordable. Plus, if you stick to it, odds are good you’ll end up saving money by eating out less and eating in more.

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Want to try Gatheredtable out? Try it free for seven days! And if possible, I’d love to hear all about your experience! 

Disclaimer/disclosure: Affiliate links to Gatheredtable’s website are included in this post. Photos were made available to me by the Gatheredteam; however, I was not financially compensated for this review or asked to share my opinions. These opinions are uniquely mine and based on my own user experience with Gatheredtable.