Weekend Reads: Cooking Through Recovery and More!

Weekend Reads

Looking for some non-diet, recovery-supportive posts and articles to read this weekend? I love finding positive resources from experts in the field to share with you. Happy reading!

Weekend Reads

If It Looks Like a Diet, It’s a Diet
The Real Life RD (and Nurse Practitioner), Robyn, does a lovely job defining what a diet can be – even when its not so obvious to tell – and providing sound advice on how to approach food instead. Read more… 

Cooking in Recovery: Building New Relationships with Food 
Angie Viets shares practical steps individuals in recovery can take to enhance their confidence in the kitchen. The secret? Taking it one step at a time. Read more…

Sugar Addiction: A Summary of the Science
Think you’re addicted to sugar? It may be time to review what the science really says about this topic. Marci Evans, RD helps summarize and address this hot topic issue. Read more…