Turning 34 and Updating my Life Goals

Every year around my birthday, I like to set aside some time to update my life goals. Below, I’m sharing some of the areas I plan to focus on specifically over the next year.

Updated Life Goals for Year 34


Go on a weekend getaway.

We rarely do this – usually just a couple of times of year. But everytime we do, its always a lot of fun and allows us to practice for life after our kids grow up… which I’m still pretending isn’t ever going to happen.


Go on a road trip to Canada. This goal isn’t exactly mine, but my son is pretty excited about it. He even wrote about it in a poem, so I feel like we need to make this happen.

Read 20 books each this year. I’m off to a great start… one book down this week.

Kati and Aaron at the Library

It was a quick read.

I also got these two books for my birthday:

Landwhale and Health at Every Size Books

Reduce our food waste by 20% this year. We’ve already upped our recycling game and made great strides implementing these tips. Now we’re going to have to get creative.


Continue to commit to 3 days of mindful movement each week.

Take time to be creative. Painting, crocheting, dance parties – who knows. Right now I’ve been a bit obessed with painting animals in suits.

Animals in Suits

The bear is done. The beaver is still a work in progress.


I have two career focuses this year – my role as a registered dietitian and my role as an economic developer. And yes, these two roles are VERY different, but I’ve always enjoyed seeing where life takes me, so I find myself in two very different roles that I enjoy immensely. In both, I feel like I can do some good. This year, I hope to enhance both my roles by:

Booking four speaking engagements in 2019.

Completing the four modules of core curriculum to complete my CEDRD (Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian) certification through iaedp.

Successfully developing a rural site selection marketing tool kit.

Assist MMDC, my economic development organization, in bringing 50+ jobs to the Middle Michigan area.


Complete the daily devotional book my parents gave to me as a present.

Create a prayer journal.


We’ve been making such progress! Current goal: Paying off our car. So far we’ve paid off about $50,000 in debt over the past 2 1/2 years. All that remains is our car loan and our school loans which we hope to have paid off in 5 years.

Home Improvement  

Since all our extra income is going towards debt, doing any home improvement projects might be a bit of a stretch. I may keep my eye out for some good deals and DIY-inspired ideas to begin tackling our family room, but in all reality this isn’t a high priority goal.

I’m going to do my best to provide an update on my goal progress every month or so.

Do you take time to set life goals? What are some plans you have for the next year? I’d love to hear all about it either in the comments below or on my Facebook page.