Meet Kati

Hi there. I’m Kati,

and I’m incredibly passionate about helping individuals and communities succeed.

Driven to Build.

Passionately pursuing opportunities to build up others, I’m always looking for ways to contribute to the lives of others. As a registered dietitian, I’veĀ  advocated for eating disorder awareness and weight-inclusive care. As a member of the Mt. Pleasant community, I’ve looked for opportunities to support local businesses and the families who have chosen this place as their home.

Strategic Goal-Getting.

I love setting goals and seeing them through. Most recently my husband have put our strategic planning into high gear in order to pay off our remaining student loan debt and are documenting this on our blog, Money Saving Duo.

Creative Pursuit.

My career path has been anything but ordinary. From outpatient dietitian to nutrition communications expert to economic development marketer, its been an interesting ride fueled by a creative pursuit to make the most of each opportunity.

I’ve pursued my dreams – everything from opening my own retail business and launching a private practice to working in executive level positions while maintaining work-life balance with kids.

I’d love to connect with you.

Want to connect with me? There are many ways to do so – I’d love to come and speak at your next event or share the resources I’ve developed over the years to enhance my work-life balance, build up my practice and launch a business with you. Not sure what you’re looking for exactly or want to connect with me about something else? Send me a note.